As an RV owner, you know that protecting your investment is important. One of the most significant aspects of owning an RV is finding a safe and secure place to store it when not in use. That’s where outdoor RV storage solutions come into play. In this post, we will cover everything you need to know about outdoor RV storage to help you make an informed decision. From the benefits of outdoor RV storage and affordable options to different types of outdoor RV storage and amenities available, we have got you covered. We will also discuss security measures put in place by storage facilities, pricing factors affecting the costs, tips for preparing your RV for outdoor storage, and answer frequently asked questions about outdoor RV storage. Are you ready to find your perfect outdoor RV storage solution? Let’s dive right in!

Outdoor RV Storage Solutions

Storing your recreational vehicle in an outdoor storage facility is the best way to ensure peace of mind. Location, security features, and amenities are among the factors to consider when choosing from the various storage solutions available. Preparing your camper for outdoor RV storage involves cleaning and maintenance tasks like winterization and rodent prevention. This protects against mold buildup, upholstery havoc and other potential issues due to moisture or humidity. Video surveillance assures added security against theft or damage.

Benefits of Outdoor RV Storage

Storing your RV can be a hassle but outdoor RV storage solutions provide peace of mind. These cost-effective solutions allow your recreational vehicle to be safe from weather damage and theft. Easy access to the RV for maintenance and road trips is available with additional amenities like security cameras, gated access and more. Get started by properly preparing and maintaining the vehicle in a well-equipped outdoor facility.

Affordable RV Storage Options

Storing your recreational vehicle (RV) can be expensive, which is why affordable RV storage options are a great solution for many people. These outdoor storage facilities provide peace of mind against theft, vandalism, and the havoc rodents and pests can wreak on upholstery and other parts of your rig. Look for facilities that have video surveillance and gated access for added security. Some even have extra features like propane refill stations or dump stations. By choosing the right type of storage for your class A, B, or C motorhome or travel trailer, you can ensure it stays safe from weather damage, UV rays, humidity, and mold while parked at home or in an HOA community.

Types of Outdoor RV Storage

RV owners have several options when it comes to choosing the type of outdoor RV storage facilities that suit their needs. Covered RV storage provides a great option for those looking to shield their rig from moisture, UV rays, and other environmental havoc that can impact the exterior and upholstery of the vehicle. Uncovered RV storage is a cheap RV storage alternative for people who have limited budgets or simply don’t require additional protection from inclement weather. Enclosed RV Storage and indoor RV Storage Facilities are the best options for class A, B, C motorhome or travel trailer owners who want to avoid theft, rodents, and pests while keeping their recreational vehicle safe and secure year-round.

Covered RV Storage

Protected from the damaging effects of UV rays and inclement weather, Covered RV Storage is an excellent option for safeguarding your motorhome or travel trailer. With its enhanced safety features like video surveillance and secure gated access, you can have peace of mind knowing that your rig is protected against theft or vandalism. Remember to accurately measure your vehicle before selecting a storage space at any indoor or outdoor storage facility.

Uncovered RV Storage

Looking for a budget-friendly option for outdoor RV storage? Look no further than Uncovered RV Storage! A great option for short-term stays or mild climates, it simply involves parking your rig in an open lot without any cover or protection from the elements. While you’ll save some dollars on rent, keep in mind that exposure to rain, snow, and UV rays can wreak havoc on your upholstery, create mold and invite pests. Choose wisely!

Outdoor RV Storage Amenities

RV storage options offer peace of mind to rvers who want their vehicles safe from theft, vandalism, rodents, mold or mildew caused by humidity or UV rays. When selecting outdoor storage facilities, look for amenities like propane refill stations in addition to electricity, water supply or dump stations designed exclusively for RVs. Choose a storage space with security cameras on-site and easy access options. Finding the best option for your rig is just a click away with apps designed specifically for outdoor RV storage solutions.

Propane Refill Station

A propane refill station is a must-have amenity when it comes to outdoor RV storage. It allows RV owners to easily refill their propane tanks without leaving the storage facility. This is especially convenient for those who store their rigs for extended periods or reside in areas where refills are scarce. Such an amenity ensures that your appliances (stoves, ovens and heaters) function optimally. Hence opt for an outdoor storage solution with a reliable propane refill station.

Dump Station

When it comes to outdoor RV storage, having a dump station is crucial for rvers. This amenity allows you to empty your holding tanks without leaving the storage facility which is very convenient for those who store their recreational vehicle for a long time. Typically, outdoor rv storage facilities have on-site dump stations as part of their amenities package. Checking if there are any additional fees for using the dump station before selecting a storage facility provides peace of mind for an rv owner. It’s important to keep in mind that poorly maintained dump stations can cause mold and other issues due to high humidity levels in an rv. Hence choosing a climate-controlled outdoor rv storage with excellent amenities such as fresh water and video surveillance is always the best option.

RV Storage Security Measures

RV storage facilities prioritize vehicle safety by implementing various security measures. Gated access ensures only authorized individuals have access while video surveillance monitors activities within the facility. Secure locks protect valuable belongings inside the RV while regular maintenance checks ensure the proper functioning of alarm systems that detect unauthorized access. Choosing a secured RV storage facility provides peace of mind against thefts, vandalism or pest infestations affecting your recreational vehicle.

Gated Access

Security is of utmost importance for outdoor RV storage facilities. Gated access is a crucial security feature that limits access to only authorized individuals through gated entry. This is reinforced by fencing, lighting and video surveillance to deter theft or vandalism. Adding manned gates with 24/7 security personnel on-site provides more peace of mind for RVers. Choosing an RV storage facility with secure gated access is the best way to avoid any havoc caused by rodents or pests while keeping your rig safe from humidity and UV rays.

Surveillance Cameras

Video surveillance is a must-have security measure for outdoor RV storage facilities. By strategically placing high-quality cameras throughout the property, including entry and exit points, you can deter potential intruders and capture suspicious activity. With additional features such as night vision capabilities and video playback options, video surveillance provides peace of mind for RV owners concerned about theft or vandalism.

RV Storage Pricing

When looking for outdoor RV storage, keep in mind that pricing can vary depending on factors such as RV size, length of stay, and location. Comparing prices is crucial, but also consider security features like gate access and video surveillance, amenities like propane refill stations and dump stations, and whether the facility offers indoor or climate-controlled options. Don’t let a cheaper price tag lead to theft or damage – choose a safe and secure RV storage solution.

Factors that Affect Pricing

The price for outdoor RV storage depends on many factors like the width and type of RV. You’ll find indoor storage solutions more expensive than outdoor ones because they come with more amenities such as climate control. The cost can also depend on where you live; cities tend to charge higher rates than rural areas for this service. Additional features like propane refill stations and video surveillance cameras boost prices too.

Average Outdoor RV Storage Prices

Outdoor RV storage is a great option for rvers who want to keep their motorhome safe and secure. Prices vary based on location and amenities like video surveillance or propane refill stations. Indoor rv storage is more expensive than outdoor rv storage. To find the best option for your rig, compare pricing and features at different storage facilities offering covered storage or uncovered storage. Protect your upholstery from havoc caused by rodents or pests by choosing an excellent outdoor RV storage facility with gated access and security cameras.

Tips for Preparing Your RV for Outdoor Storage

Preparing a recreational vehicle for outdoor storage is the best way to protect it from theft or vandalism while on the open road. Begin by cleaning the interior thoroughly to avoid humidity and mold growth. Drain water tanks and lines to avoid damage from freezing temperatures or pests. Monitor tire pressure levels on all types of RVs or travel trailers regularly. Always cover windows and vents with breathable covers or tarps for added protection against UV rays and other weather elements.

Winterization Checklist

Preparing for winter is a must-do when it comes to outdoor storage of recreational vehicles. Winterizing involves draining water tanks and lines to avoid frozen pipes and damage caused by moisture. Add antifreeze to your plumbing system and protect against UV rays, rain, and snow with a cover or tarp. Prevention of rodents and pests is vital to avoid upholstery havoc caused by unwanted guests.

Rodent Prevention Tips

To ensure that rodents and pests do not cause damage to your outdoor RV storage facilities and upholstery during winter storage, it is important to take necessary precautions. The first step is sealing all openings or gaps with steel wool or expanding foam. Secondly, remove all food items from the RV before storing and use rodent repellents like peppermint oil sachets or mothballs inside the RV and around the storage area. Lastly, consider setting up traps or hire professional pest control services for peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions About Outdoor RV Storage

RV enthusiasts who opt for outdoor storage facilities have plenty of questions they may want answers to—with good reason. A few FAQs that often come up include how safe their rig will be from theft or vandalism and what types of vehicles are allowed at the storage facility. Rvers may also wonder if they can store other belongings alongside their camper or motorhome, and if so, what width and height restrictions apply. Another concern could be whether there’s any way to access fresh water during long-term winter storage.

How Do I Reserve an Outdoor RV Storage Space?

To reserve an outdoor RV storage space, check online or contact the facility to discuss rental options. Consider location, security, and accessibility before making a reservation. Some facilities may require a deposit or credit check. Review policies and procedures to ensure your RV’s safety.

Can I Store My RV in My HOA Community?

RV storage in HOA communities is not a universal policy, as each community has its own rules and regulations. Before storing your RV on your property, it’s crucial to check with your HOA board or property management company. If prohibited, consider renting space at a secure nearby RV storage facility that comes highly recommended by other RV owners.

Ready to Find Your Perfect Outdoor RV Storage Solution?

When searching for an outdoor RV storage solution, prioritize security and maintenance of the facility. Also, take into account its location and accessibility, inquire about pricing and long-term storage discounts, and seek reviews and recommendations from other RV owners to make an informed decision.


Outdoor RV storage solutions are a great way to keep your vehicle safe, secure, and in good condition. By opting for outdoor storage, you can enjoy several benefits such as affordable rates, ample space, easy access, and more. However, it’s essential to choose a facility that offers security measures like gated access and surveillance cameras to ensure your RV’s safety. Additionally, preparing your RV for outdoor storage is crucial to avoid any damage or maintenance issues later on. If you’re looking for the perfect outdoor RV storage solution that fits your budget and needs, get in touch with us today for more information.